U.S. sends Mark 19 Mod 3 Grenade Launchers to #Ukraine !

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The U.S. Air Force released pictures showing new pallet loads of small arms ammunition, along with grenade launchers inside a Boeing 747 after it arrived at Boryspil International Airport. Twitter user @thelema_boy_ was one of the first to draw attention to the identification code NSN 1010-01-490-9697, which can be seen on one of the “black pallets”. According to the NATO Multilingual Supply Classification Handbook and Item Name Directory (ACodP-2), which has also been introduced in the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine under the name “Common Classifier of Supplies”, NSN code 1010-01-490-9697 corresponds to such a supply item as ” Machine Gun, 40mm, MK19 Mod III “, or in Ukrainian – 40-mm automatic grenade launcher Mark 19 Mod 3. As per the number of “black pallets” in the released photos, it can be ascertained that on January 28 several hundred Mk19 grenade launchers were delivered to Ukraine. In this video Defense Updates analyzes how Mark 19 Mod 3 grenade launcher could spell doom for Russian forces?

Credit Defense Updates