U.S. Doomsday Platform #USSNevada makes Port Call to Guam !

Military News

US Navy has published the location of one of its key nuclear deterrence assets – Ohio class submarine USS Nevada (SSBN 733) through a post. A US Navy release stated that this port visit to Guam reflects the United States’ commitment to the Indo-Pacific region, and complements the many exercises, operations, training, and military cooperation activities conducted by Strategic Forces to ensure they are available and ready to operate around the globe at any time. A ballistic missile submarine’s job isn’t to hunt enemy ships and submarines, but to lie as low and quiet as possible to deny rivals any means of tracking their movements. So, publishing the location is very unusual but obviously has a reason.

In this video Defense Updates analyzes how the U.S has sent a stark message to China by publishing the presence of Ohio class submarine USS Nevada in Guam? #DefenseUpdates #USSNevada #USvsChina