Truth Prevails (for the Moment): The Disinformation Board is Paused!

Suspension of the “Disinformation Governance Board”

The momentary victory in the suspension of the “Disinformation Governance Board” holds two lessons for us: 1.) Truth will prevail, if enough people stand up boldly and demand it; and 2.) We must now address the deeper problem behind the creation of this agency, the use of Big Lies to defend the Unipolar order, to justify war and neoliberal economic looting. The Schiller Institute will sponsor an online forum on May 26 to present the deeper truth behind the war drive against Russia, which is that some in the U.S. establishment believe that the U.S. can win a nuclear war, and are willing to risk it to defend the post-Cold War order. You can register for it here:
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization

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