True Size of Napoleon’s Army – The Infantry [c. 1808] 3D DOCUMENTARY

True Size of Napoleon’s Army – The Infantry [c. 1808] 3D DOCUMENTARY

A 3D visualization of Napoleon’s Army, starting with the infantry. Try Opera browser FOR FREE here:

In this history documentary we bring to life the True Size of Napoleon’s Army. This subject is absolutely massive and so we will be exploring it in a series of True Size episodes covering the infantry, the cavalry, the artillery, and finally the combined arms force of an Army Corp. This video focuses exclusively on the infantry. Here we begin with the smallest level of the 15 man Ordinaire and go up to the largest pure infantry group of the Brigade.

I hope that by visualizing the army in the way you can get a better understanding for a Napoleonic Army and especially the way in which the Napoleonic Wars were waged across its famous battles including the Battle of Austerlitz, the Battle of Waterloo, and more. For those with a sharp eye, you will now be able to see how such formations may or may not manifest in popular media such as the Napoleon Movie battle scenes.

“La Grande Armée” by Georges Blond
“Napoleon’s Guard Infantry” by Osprey Publishing
“Swords around the Throne: Napoleon’s Grande Armée” by Elting
“The Anatomy of Glory: Napoleon and his Guard” by Lachouque
“Historical Dictionary of Napoleonic France, 1799-1815” by Connelly
“The Eagle in Splendour: Napoleon I and His Court” by Mansel
“Les grenadiers de la Garde” by Rousselot

Research = Daniel Messman
Script = Invicta
Narration = Guy Michaels
Art = Penta Limited

“Fight Until We Die” by Ruiqi Zhao
“Wherever I Wander” by Bonnie Grace
“Napoleon Plans Waterloo” by Total War Napoleon OST
“Choral Music I – VI” by Total War Napoleon OST
“String Orchestra I – VI” by Total War Napoleon OST
“The Fields of War” by Total War Napoleon OST

00:00 Intro
02:42 Overview
04:21 Ordinaire (15)
05:04 Section (60)
06:16 Company (120)
08:02 Platoon (120)
09:03 Battalion (720)
12:08 Battalion (Formations)
16:55 Regiment (1440)
20:18 Brigade (4,320)
21:57 Brigdae (Combat)
23:02 Outro

Credit to : Invicta

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