Impressive Large Military Parades from around the Globe

Hell March and the Goose step

Imagine thousands of soldiers marching through cities and you have a basic hell march, for a complex hell march you either have multiple nations or regiments moving together. The hell march is a mass scale parade. Definition of goose step in the English dictionary The first definition of goose step in the dictionary is a military march step in which the leg is swung rigidly to an exaggerated height, esp as in the German army in the Third Reich. Other definition of goose step is an abnormal gait in animals. Goose step is also to march in goose step. The goose step is a special marching step performed on formal military parades and other ceremonies. While marching in parade formation, troops swing their legs in unison high off the ground, while keeping their legs straight and unbent. Originating in Prussian military drill in the mid-18th century, the step was called the Stechschritt or Stechmarsch. Nearly fifty countries maintain the tradition. “Goose step” is a pejorative term in English. It originally referred to a British military drill, in which one leg at a time was swung back and forth without bending the knee. Apparently standing on only one leg reminded soldiers of how geese often stand.

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