Top 10 Best Sniper Rifles Around The World

Best Modern Sniper Rifles

Most people understand what a sniper rifle is, or at least believe they do. Putting a sight on a gun does not turn it into a sniper rifle. Accuracy is obviously important, but the pistol also needs to be capable and helpful in tactical applications. Many highly accurate guns are designed solely for competition and would not survive in a war-torn country.

These requirements frequently necessitate that the gun be lightweight and easy to manoeuvre. It should be a rifle with a scope. Accuracy, as well as effective range, are critical.

Sniper weapons should be able to easily reach out and touch a target. At the very least, a full-power rifle cartridge is required. To extend range and deal with new armour challenges, most modern sniper rifles are pushing for larger, more powerful rounds.
Credit to : All About Survival