This WW2 Medal of Honor Soldier was Classified to Save His Life

WW2 Medal of Honor Soldier

A young Army Corporal waited nervously for the guards to arrive. He looked around the prison where he had been held for over two years and was relieved about the prospect of finally returning home to his family. Corporal Hiroshi “Hershey” Miyamura welcomed the sight of his Communist captors for the first time since he was put there. Now, he would be turned over to American officials. Still, the young Japanese-American soldier was restless, as he believed he would be court-martialed for his failure at Taejon-ni in Seoul. While there, the Chinese Communists had flooded his unit’s defensive positions and decimated their numbers. The machine-gun squad leader was then captured before he could even learn the fate of his men. When Miyaruma met General Ralph Osborne in front of several reporters upon his release, the Division commander turned to him and asked: (QUOTE) “Do you know why you are here?” To which he replied no

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