This Foldable Bridge allows the Army to get Tanks across Rivers


To aid soldiers conducting water-based operations overseas, especially in places with no actual bridges, the United States Army has commissioned what is being called the Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB). Developed by the army’s Multi-Role Bridge Company (MRBC), the innovative contraption is basically a floating, foldable system of barges that can be used to create a bridge in less than 30 minutes.

When installed, the IRB allows soldiers to carry supplies, weapons, troops and even vehicles (including tanks) across a river or any other water body. Using highly-specialized folding and unfolding technologies, the system opens up over water into a wide non-skid pathway. According to the developers, the makeshift bridge can be used even in rough, choppy waters, thanks to special splash guards that help prevent flooding.

From our very good friends over at hexapolis. com

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