The World’s most Dangerous Arms Dealer

The Arms Dealer Karl Lee

He’s a key figure in the clandestine wranglings of two superpowers: the United States and China. The FBI announced a five-million-dollar bounty for information leading to his arrest. Intelligence agencies and investigators have been trying for decades to stop him in his tracks: the arms dealer Karl Lee.

The Chinese businessman has helped Iran develop its huge missiles arsenal. Missiles that kill in the Middle East, that are supplied to Russia for possible deployment in Ukraine and have the potential to carry nuclear warheads. The documentary is the first to tell the story of the hunt for the phantom-like Karl Lee, alias Li Fangwei, probably the world’s most dangerous weapons dealer. He’s been indicted in absentia in the US and American presidents have even personally asked Beijing to take action against him. But his network continues to be active; and he’s still high up on the FBI’s most-wanted list. And this, at a time when missiles and nuclear warheads are becoming a tangible threat to humanity.
The documentary follows Karl Lee’s trail across four continents, from Washington and New York to Tel Aviv, from Europe to Teheran, Beijing and Karl Lee’s factory in northeastern China. The prize-winning investigative journalists Philipp Grüll, Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer provide unique insights into the world of spy agencies and diplomacy. At the same time, the film is a lesson in the powerlessness of the West and the rise of China – as well as an unflinching appraisal of the new world order.

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Credit to : DW News

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