The War Drive Comes from the West, Not Russia

Continuing War Drive

The Schiller Institute conference of Feb. 19 intervened in the midst of a continuing war drive to make two vital points. 1.) The war danger is driven by the ongoing systemic collapse of the authority of the Unipolar world, led by the economic collapse; 2.) The solution is a shift to a multi-polar world built upon a new security architecture, which recognizes the right to sovereignty of all nations, and promotes mutually beneficial economic policies, centered on making scientific and technological progress available to all. The efforts by war hawks in the Trans-Atlantic to provoke a Russian invasion of Ukraine will serve as an excuse to impose sanctions designed to destroy Russia’s economy, as various western spokesmen have confirmed — and to divert attention away from the failed economic, social and cultural policies harming all nations, produced by the Unipolarists!
Credit to : The LaRouche Organization

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