The US Military Published a Video of the collision of the F-35 Fighter with an Aircraft Carrier

US Military

The US military “leaked” a video of the collision of the F-35 fighter with an aircraft carrier to the Network.

A few hours ago, the US military posted video footage on the Web that captured the moment of the collision of the F-35 fighter jet with the American aircraft carrier Carl Vinson. As a result of the incident, the plane fell into the water and at the moment, American specialists have not yet been able to complete work on lifting the plane from the waters of the South China Sea.
On the published video footage, you can see that the pilot incorrectly calculated the landing trajectory of the fighter on the deck, as a result of which the fighter crashed into the deck of the aircraft carrier with its tail section. From the impact, the combat aircraft is thrown several meters into the air, as a result of which control is lost over it and the fighter falls overboard.

According to the US media, the leak of these video footage has already caused discontent among the US military command, and at the moment one of the sailors of the aircraft carrier Carl Vinson is involved in this.

It should be noted that earlier the US military claimed that the cause of the crash of the F-35 fighter was a technical malfunction, however, judging by the published video footage, the fault was the pilot’s error or the cause was a malfunction of the fighter’s on-board systems.

Credit Military News

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