The Unkillable Sergeant that faced VietCong Troops with a Bullet in his Chest

Sergeant that faced VietCong Troops

Sergeant Franklin D. Miller and his small team were pinned down by over 100 North Vietnamese soldiers. Four of his men were critically wounded, and the rest were almost incapacitated. Nightfall was upon them, and Miller had already single-handedly repelled three numerically superior NVA attacks with nothing more than his trusty CAR-15 Carbine and a dozen grenades. Despite his heroic efforts, he knew time was running out. The relief force had not arrived, he was bleeding from his chest and left arm, and ammunition was running low. It was now or never, so he calmly went prone, made sure he was concealed by the tall grass above the hill, and prepared to repel an incoming attack on his own…

Credit Dark Docs

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