The Ukraine Arms Drain: Now and in the Future

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for December 12, 2022

– Russia continues its war of attrition – focusing on exhausting and overwhelming critical Ukrainian defenses around Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine/western Russia;
– Despite claims that Russian missile stockpiles are depleted, Russia continues carrying out regular, large-scale missile barrages against Ukrainian infrastructure;
– Latest US assistance package for Ukraine continues the trend of dwindling, inadequate support for Ukraine;
– US government procurement numbers over the course of the next 2-5 years indicates that at no time in the near future will the US be capable of producing let alone supplying Ukraine with the number of weapons and ammunition it requires;
– While Russian production data is not available, the fact that Russia’s stockpiles and military were configured for large-scale protracted and intense combat suggests its military industrial output is likewise configured for such demands;
– The Western media is now admitting that Ukraine can neither win, nor is there any moral imperative to ensure that it does…
Credit to : The New Atlas

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