The Truth About Japan’s New Tank

TYPE-10 Main Battle Tank

Is Japans new TYPE-10 Main Battle tank really under armored or is it actually amazing? As Japan moves to meet their massive military rearmament goal to double their defense budget, all eyes are turning to their own homemade Mitsubishi Type 10 main battle tank with its bling bling nano crystal Japanese steel armor. That might actually explain why it’s the world’s second most expensive tank ever produced at $9.8 million dollars per unit.

The first prototype for the new Japanese tank rolled off the Mitsubishi production line in 2006. The Type 10 has three separate weight loadouts to give the Japanese military more flexibility in how the tank is transported and deployed. The minimum loadout comes in at just 40 tons, which is much easier on Japan’s infrastructure and allows the tank to use 84% of their 17,920 total bridges in the country while most other Western designs could barely use 40%

Credit to : Task & Purpose