The Suwalki Gap: NATO’s Weakest Point? | ACCESS

Exercise IRON WOLF 2022 in Lithuania

Joe heads to Exercise IRON WOLF 2022 in Lithuania, joining some old friends from 2 RIFLES, in a region known as ‘NATO’s Weakest Point’ but…is it?
His journey begins at a Tripoint between Kaliningrad, Poland and Lithuania and ends on the Pabrade training area during an annual military exercise held in Lithuania, bringing together NATO troops from Belgium, Germany, Norway, The Netherlands, the British Army and more.

Filmed over two visits several months apart, this video will challenge certain myths surrounding the Suwalki Corridor, by speaking to those on the ground and renowned academic and author of the book, “Russia’s War on Everyone”, Kier Giles.
00:00 – Intro
04:09 – Myth 1 Suwalki Gap Terrain
08:19 – Myth 2 No NATO assets in the area
12:36 – Myth 3 Poland and Lithuania would let it happen
16:56 – Myth 4 Strategic value to Russia
18:01 – Myth 5 Belarus
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Credit to : BFBS Creative

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