The Secret German Bases Dropped into the English Channel

Secret German Bases

Planning for war requires proper consideration of supporting medical services and rescue protocols. As Germany prepared to launch The Blitz against the United Kingdom in 1940 and 1941, Germany encountered this difficult logistics problem when trying to save bomber pilots and crews from the hostile waters surrounding the U.K. after emergency landings. At the time, rescue mission planning had been mostly confined to ground battles and naval conflicts, and the use of bombers on coastal territories required new technology and ideas.


Out of this need arose the Seenotdienst, a military branch of the German Air Force dedicated to rescuing sea-stranded aircraft crew. To accomplish its mission, the Seenotdienst created a bizarre German sea rescue buoy that would be covertly anchored across secret locations in the waters of the English Channel. Most of each buoy would rest underwater, and the hidden interior compartment could safely house pilots and crew members in freezing waters for days…


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