The Russians are Storming the Positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Fog + ENG SUB

Storming the Positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

This report on the assault on the Vugledar’s direction had to be uploaded a second time, taking into account the new requirements of YouTube. We are going to be grateful if you comment on this video and put a “like” – so the issue will be seen by as many people as possible. Because our journalists film for you from the front line – so that you know how the war is really progressing. The Russians often take advantage of foggy weather to attempt an offensive. It was the same on this foggy morning. Journalists Nastiia Gorpinchenko and Kolyan Pastyko arrived at dawn at the position of the Stugna ATGM, the 58th Separate Motorized Infantry Brigade. Even on the approach to the positions, each of us began to listen. Tracked machinery could be heard moving nearby. The guys just had time to spread “Stugna” when they got the goal. A few kilometers away, the tank works just like the positions of their brothers. The fighters are trying to aim at the enemy’s equipment in order to cover the boys in the position that the Russians are storming.
Credit to : Слідство.Інфо | Розслідування, репортажі, викриття

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