The Problem with Iran and the Oil Tankers

Iran and the Oil Tankers

Donald Trump thinks Iran is behind the attacks against the oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. There is a real risk for America to start a war with Iran. In fact, if it hasn’t happened yet is because of a last minute decision taken by Donald Trump.
Basically, the Strait of Hormuz is the most important enclave in the oil trade worldwide. 1 out of 5 oil barrels that are produced on the planet depart from here. This Strait is shared by three different nations: United Arab Emirates, Oman and the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the latest weeks, somebody has been putting limpet mines on some oil tankers. This poses an enormous threat to the World’s economy: if 20% of the oil tankers worldwide cannot sail safely… how are we going to get those barrels from the Middle East? White House blames Iran for this. According to their theory, this might be a retaliation after the nuclear sanctions imposed by Donald Trump. This is why the tensions between America, Saudi Arabia and Iran are at their highest point.
The questions now are… does it make sense that Iran is attacking oil tankers in this region? What is happening in Iran? How important the Strait of Hormuz is? And the most important of all… is there a real risk of war against Iran? We will answer to all of these questions on this video.
Credit to : VisualPolitik EN