The Paris Gun – 238 mm City Destroyer

Paris Gun – 238 mm

When the German Army reached the outskirts of Paris in March of 1918, they unraveled the biggest long-range siege gun ever produced. It was called the Paris Gun, weighed about 256 tons, and fired 106-kilogram shells at a range of 130 kilometers. The shells fired by this colossus weapon achieved an altitude of 43 kilometers, the greatest height by a human-made projectile to that day, only surpassed by the future V2 rocket. The distance was so impressive that German engineers had to consider the rotation of the Earth to hit their intended targets. It took three minutes for the shells to hit Paris, and when they finally stroke from the stratosphere, the locals thought they were being attacked by invisible zeppelins or bombers. Little did they know that the shells were being fired from a hidden cannon only 130 kilometers away…

Credit Dark Docs