The Nuremberg Rally

The Nuremberg Rally (officially Reichsparteitag (help. · info), meaning Reich Party Convention) was the annual rally of the Nazi Party in Germany, held from 1923 to 1938.
Movietone records without comment the pictorial record of some of the marvellous parades at the Reich Party Congress staged by Hitler. Formations of bi-planes in air. Elevated shots of parade of tanks. Plane formations overhead. Hitler walks to camera and enters car.
Standing up in same. Elevated shots of massed Nazis. Elevated shots at night of parades. Massed searchlights shining up to sky. Elevated shots of crowds singing. Hands raised in salute. Singing “Deutschland Uber Alles” Long shots of Nazi soldiers marching across bridge. People at window waving. Troops goose stepping past camera – Hitler watching.
People wave small flags. Hitler stands with others and takes salute of marching troops. Hitler stands in car and takes salute. Elevated shots of Nazis En masse. SOUND. Crowds/Singing.
Credit to : British Movietone

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