The Non-Lethal Weapon that uses Phantasmagoric Sound Effects to Terrify the Enemy

The use of non-lethal weapons has grown in importance over the last decade due to the rise of counterinsurgency and unconventional warfare. As such, the US military created the Joint Non-Lethal Weapons Program, or JNLWP, which has developed more than 80 devices. Out of those, their most unusual creation is arguably a new laser weapon, that makes a unique noise. Instead of burning or blinding possible threats, the striking setup produces an eerie noise that closely resembles the sound of a human voice, thus instilling fear among the enemies. As seen and heard through a piece of footage published by the JNLWP, the ghostly cry emerges as if it came from the underworld, with the program’s director even stating: (QUOTE) “We’re this close to getting it to speak to us. I just need three or four more kilohertz.”

Credit Dark Docs