New Weapon System: The M109 Self-Propelled Howitzer (Video)

The New Weapon System for Battle (Video)

The M109 is an American 155mm turreted Self-Propelled Howitzer, the Cannon transformed Marine Warfare in the early modern period, as European navies made the most of their firepower. As gunning ended up being commonplace, the reliability and damaging power of cannon was significantly enhanced, and also they became deadlier than ever before, both to infantry that belatedly needed to adopt various methods, and to ships, which needed to be armored. In World War I, most combat fatalities were caused by weapons; they were likewise used extensively in The second world war. Many modern cannons are similar to those made use of in the Second World War, although the importance of the larger caliber tools has declined with the property development of missiles.

Credit to : Matsimus

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