The Most Surprisingly Important Place of WW2?

Important Place of WW2

While most accounts put the start of World War 2 on September 1, 1939, many historians claim the conflict actually began on July 7, 1937, when the Japanese Empire invaded China. Taking advantage of the country’s vulnerability due to a civil war, Japan launched several attacks on China, including in the city of Changsha in the Hunan province. While the city’s name has all but disappeared from the known records about World War 2 even more so in the West Changsha was one of the most strategic places in the world from 1939 to 1944. The city’s communication lines were so crucial that as the Japanese embarked on a series of battles to overtake the city, the embattled Chinese Nationalists and the Communists even created a truce to fight for the city tooth and nail with the help of the Allies…

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