The Monster Bomber Germany Would Do Anything to Destroy – Petlyakov Pe-8

Petlyakov Pe-8 bomber

In May of 1942, a Petlyakov Pe-8 bomber took off from the Soviet Union and headed to the Atlantic. On board was diplomat V. M. Molotov, who was assigned a top-secret and critical mission. Piloted by E.K. Pusep, the Pe-8 was the only Soviet aircraft capable of reaching America and making it back safely. The political envoy was to negotiate the terms to open a second front in World War 2, stopping at London and then heading to Washington. But the Atlantic Ocean wasn’t forgiving. Soviet hero Colonel Mikhail Simonov would later say: (QUOTE) “The Pe-8 was an exceptionally good aircraft in our time. And the Germans, if they managed to shoot down a Pe-8, they were awarded with the Iron Cross, 3 thousand marks, and 10 days vacation off duty to their hometown. That’s why they were hunting our aircraft like a devil after a culpable soul.” Still, the war’s future now depended solely on Molotov’s diplomatic mission… — Join Dark Skies as we explore the world of aviation with cinematic short documentaries featuring the biggest and fastest airplanes ever built, top-secret military projects, and classified missions with hidden untold true stories. Including US, German, and Soviet warplanes, along with aircraft developments that took place during World War I, World War 2, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, the Gulf War, and special operations mission in between.

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