The ‘Mjölner’ Rapid Fire 120mm Mortar Vehicle | DOUBLE BARRELED INDIRECT FIRE

Mounted Mortar System Mjölner

The vehicle mounted mortar system Mjölner, developed and produced by BAE Systems Hägglunds, will increase the indirect fire capability to support mechanized battalions. It allows the user army to field a capability well adapted for different vehicle platforms while enhancing the whole fleet’s firepower.

Mjölner is a turret solution with two smoothbore 120 mm gun barrels mounted on the actual vehicle. The weapon is loaded allowing a robust mechanical system to rapidly and reliably reload in all combat conditions. Mjölner gives a full 60 degrees of slew in azimuth without the complexity and costs of powered turret rotation. With an elevation from 45 to 85 degrees, targets can be effectively engaged over a wide range of distances.

This combination of a Mjolner turret on the CV90 chassis was adopted by the Swedish military. Production contract for 40 artillery systems was signed in 2016. Deliveries to the Swedish military commenced in 2019 and were planned to be completed in 2020. Its Swedish designation is the Granatkastarpansarbandvagn 90, or GRKPBV 90. These will be used in mechanized battalions to increase indirect fire support.

More than a decade ago BAE Systems Hagglunds developed another AMOS mortar system with two 120 mm breech-loaded mortars. It was a new generation weapon, designed for rapid rate of fire. Swedish military ordered two AMOS systems on the CV90 chassis, though there were no further orders. The Mjolner is another attempt to create a close support weapon with a rapid rate of fire. Though it has a more simple design and is overall a less complicated weapon. As with the AMOS turret, the Mjolner turret can be integrated on other suitable wheeled or tracked armored vehicle.
Credit to : Matsimus

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