The Luftwaffe Fa 223 Dragon – First Helicopter to Reach Production Status

First Helicopter

It was the first helicopter in aviation history to reach production status. In fact, its performance was so impressive – being able to reach 113 miles per hour and an altitude of 23,300 feet in testing – that the Luftwaffe ordered 400 of the Focke-Achgelis Fa 223s to be built towards the end of WW2. Only 20 models of the Drache, or “Dragon,” were produced, however, due to constant disruptions by Allied bombing.
With only a limited number of the helicopters in existence, each of the Allied powers were eager to get their hands on one in order to study its unique design that used a single radial engine and dual three-bladed rotors. After America captured two of the only surviving models, it put one on a ship back to US, and it was ready to destroy the other. Yet, Britain wanted it for themselves and marshaled a German POW pilot to fly it across the English Channel…
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