The Leopard 2A6 Battle Tank | THE MISSION | Special (English subtitles)

Impressive Leopard 2 Battle Tank

The combat team of THE MISSION introduces you to the impressive Leopard 2 battle tank. As a combat vehicle, you have already experienced the 60-ton tank during tank battle runs or crossing the Elbe river with the tank ferry.

The comrades will tell you all kinds of exciting facts and give you an introduction to the tasks of the tank commander, the gunner and loader or the driver. Afterwards, you’ll know what it’s like to live and sleep there in cramped quarters with four people.

Be there, too, when Corporal Britta and the other soldiers of the tank platoon assemble the new tank tracks and describe their everyday life in the tank. You’ll find out what fascinates them most in the episode! In the next few days, preparations for the eFP mission in Lithuania will continue.

Credit to : Bundeswehr Exclusive

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