The Forgotten Nazi Uprising in Chile (1938)

Nazi Uprising in Chile (1938)

On 5 September 1938 Chilean extremists launched an uprising in Santiago de Chile. The party was named National Socialist Movement of Chile (Movimiento Nacional Socialista de Chile), in short the MNS, and its members were named Nacistas. Of the founding members some of them had closer ties to Germany. The leader Jorge González von Marées had studied in Germany. He named himself ‘el Jefe’ (the Chief). On 5 September armed MNS men took over the central building of the University of Chile in downtown Santiago. Another group occupied the Workers’ Social Security Building, right next to La Moneda, the presidential palace. They were soon overcome by the Chilean military police and shot by the Carabineros in what became known as the Seguro Obrero Massacre (or: Matanza del Seguro Obrero).
History Hustle presents: The Forgotten Nazi Uprising in Chile (1938).
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