The Forbidden Attack Against a Dark Nazi Secret Base

Dark Nazi Secret Base

When King Leopold III surrendered his beloved Belgian army to the Nazis in May of 1940, aristocrat and cavalry member Baron Jean de Selys-Longchamps fled his home country searching for another military force so he could join the fight with the Allies. Finally settling in England, the Baron traded his horse for a Hawker Typhoon, and was able to join the Royal Air Force after ingeniously forging his volunteer documents due to an age restriction. Determined and with no previous flight experience, de Selys-Longchamps proved a natural and quickly showed impressive dexterity while flying with the British forces, earning a reputation as one of the nation’s most skillful pilots. Despite his success, however, the pilot was strangely haunted by, and single-mindedly obsessed with, an usually obscure and luxurious building in Brussels. De Selys-Longchamps repeatedly proposed multiple attacks on this building right in the heart of the city, but his petition was constantly denied by his superiors, who deemed the risk too high.

Credit Dark Skies

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