The fields are littered with Bodies: Wagner Infantry Storms Ukrainian positions in the Bakhmut Area

Battle for Bakhmut

In parallel with a battle for Bakhmut, which has turned into the epicenter of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, intense fighting continues around the city, where the “Wagner” PMC are also trying to advance. One of the hottest is the Soledar direction. However, the successes of the Russian forces here are much more modest than in the city itself. The positions on this part of the front are jointly held by border guards, servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense. The results of their work are eloquently evidenced by the nearby fields littered with the bodies of the slain occupiers. Artillery shelling, shooting battles and “meat” assaults of “Wagner” – this is what the everyday life of DPSU servicemen looks like, which you can see in the video material.
Credit to : Державна прикор

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