The Fentanyl War is Worse Than You Think

The Fentanyl War is Worse Than You Think

Members of the US congress are calling the influx of chinese fentanyl an act of asymmetric war against the United States. The Drug Enforcement Agency estimates 90% of fentanyl comes from Chinese companies that not only operate legally inside China but are also subsidized and paid for by the Chinese communist Party. In 2022 over 107,000 Americans died from overdoses in the United States, and fentanyl poisoning became the leading cause of death of Americans 18-45 years of age.

Written by: Chris Cappy & Patrick Griffin
Edited by: Savvy Studios

On the other hand China frames the fentanyl crisis as a domestic American issue, blaming the United States big-pharma’s opioid corruption, weak U.S. laws, and a culture of American overindulgence and drug-glorification. In asymmetric warfare one nation seeks to exploit the other’s relative weakness. In this case China is accused of exploiting America’s appetite for illicit drugs and weaponizing fentanyl.

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