“The Executioner” and “The Ogre” – how “Pions” Work on Wagner’s Plays in Soledar / hromadske

The “Ogre” pulls the Executioner. Have you ever seen one Pion self-propelled 203mm cannon pulling another? This can only be seen in a report by hromadske. “Pions” are working on the hottest part of the frontline from Soledar to Bakhmut. Now the main target is the Wagnerites, who are entrenched in Soledar, which they captured in early January. From there, the Russians are trying to put pressure on our defense in order to seize the Sloviansk-Bakhmut highway and cut off the city’s supply lines. Another direction of their attack is the Kostyantynivka-Bakhmut highway. One of the tasks of these guns, which are the largest in the Ukrainian army, is to prevent the Ukrainian army from blocking this supply route as well. “The Pions are equipped with 203-millimeter caliber shells that can penetrate concrete fortifications to a depth of 8 meters on the first hit.
This time, hromadske witnessed the work of “Pions” to accumulate manpower in Soledar. They fired 9 shells, after which one of the guns broke down. One “Pion” pulled the other one back, but within an hour both vehicles were back on the battlefield.
The intensity of the fighting and artillery – both ours and the enemy’s in this area – is so high that the equipment often simply cannot withstand it. The most difficult thing about the work of artillerymen here is this problem: the equipment needs to be constantly repaired and at the same time constantly working. There are almost no days without going to the battlefield. While other types of artillery do not stop working even for 5 minutes. There is a growing number of artillery, in particular Western artillery. As well as artillerymen. hromadske witnessed the initiation into artillery of an IT guy who received a summon only two months ago at a checkpoint in Lviv. Now he is a platoon commander.
Credit to : hromadske