The Crazy Operation to Save Horses from Soviet Hunger after WWII

Operation to Save Horses

During the last days of World War 2, as American soldiers faced the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps, liberating one after the other, a unique group of soldiers opted to defy the soul-wrenching events taking place all around them by putting together a highly unusual mission to save a group of exceptional horses. The stallions belonged to a unique breed of racing horses known as the Lipizzaner. The last of these invaluable animals were now in the Czechoslovakian village of Hostau, right in the middle of the destructive path of the Red Army, which would soon raze through the region. Knowing the mercilessness of the Russians, the American and German soldiers joined forces to save the unique beasts and their Spanish Riding School in Vienna. With the help of the exiled Russian prince and his riders, the daring team secured the town and the horses within. But the newly formed alliance would soon be tested when an enraged rogue group of SS troopers assaulted the defenders with everything they had.

Credit Dark Docs

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