The Challenger 2 | Out of time?

The Challenger 2 | Out of time?

Recently in Ukraine, a Challenger 2 was lost to enemy fire, the such loss since it’s inception took place, creating a tidal wave of doubt around this cornerstone of modern armour.

Does it truly deserve this?

The truth is.. more complicated than a simple yes or no. When the Challenger 2 was released, it was one of the best MBT’s fielded, however as projectiles have improved in many other tanks, the Challenger has been somewhat left behind.

In this video, we discuss how capable it still is, what it’s flaws are, and where the British MOD is moving forward.

0:00 Prologue
1:42 The Challenger 2
2:13 Development & Production
4:33 Specifications
4:44 Weight & Mobility
5:51 Armour
6:59 Situational Awareness
7:30 Armament
8:46 Why the change to smoothbore?
11:36 The Chally’s secret weapon
12:28 Why was one destroyed?
13:41 Conclusion
14:00 The British Tank conundrum
15:27 Challenger 3
15:38 Outro
Credit to : Kaboda

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