The Battle of the Lys (1940) – Belgium’s Final Battle during the German Invasion of Belgium

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The Battle of the Lys (1940) was the bloodiest battle that took place during the German invasion of Belgium. The German invasion of Belgium during the Second World War started on May 1940. On that day Germany’s attack on the west begun. Belgium was invaded by the German armies and it’s most important bulwark of defence – Fort Eben-Emael – was neutralized within a day when German paratroopers (Fallshirmjäger) managed to reach the roof of the fortress via glider planes. The Belgian Army of 1940 barely stood a chance. The main German attack went through the Ardennes. Belgian special forces (the Chasseurs Ardennais) fought back but weren’t able to stop the German assault. In this video you will learn about the Battle of Belgium, also known as the 18 Days’ Campaign (Campagne des 18 jours / Achttiendaagse Veldtocht).

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