The “Battle of Bakhmut” + Russia’s GLONASS-Guided Glide Bombs

Update on Russian military operations in Ukraine for April 3, 2023

-Russian forces continue encirclement of Bakhmut and Avdeevka;

– Western media continues to measure Russia’s strategy of attrition by territorial gains;

– Over the past month there has been an uptick in Russian precision airstrikes along the line of contact;

– Reports indicate that one of the munitions used is the GLONASS-guided UPAB-1500B glide bomb with a range of 40-50km;

– The UPAB-1500B is released out of range of most of Ukraine’s mobile force protection air defense systems, most of Ukraine’s S-300s are either destroyed or deployed far behind the line of contact opening an opportunity for the glide bomb’s use;

– Further degradation of Ukraine’s air defenses will lead to Russian military aviation becoming a more decisive factor;
Credit to : The New Atlas

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