Tank Hit by RPG, Wounded Crew. Coming in Hot! – War in Iraq

This video will show you first hand the situation in western Mosul where members of the AEM were operating on the beginning of this year (2016-2017). AEM’s mission is to provide emergency medical care at the front lines in northern Iraq as the offensive against so-called Islamic state continues.

Iraqi tank T-55 in the video was hit by the RPG rocket on the right side of the turret (small hole is visible). One wounded crew member was transported to the medical base in the technical (as seen on the video), the other one was found dead in the tank. He was hit in the head. There was still a possibility, that the tank can explode.

Academy of Emergency Medicine (AEM) is an officially registered medical NGO based in Slovakia (EU). As an NGO, we provide frontline emergency medical care and training while assisting civilians and coalition security and armed forces in remote areas throughout the world.

Credit : Academy of Emergency Medicine