T90 vs Challenger 2 – Which MBT is better?

Formidable threat to British main battle tank the Challenger 2.

latest variant of T-90 tank could be a formidable threat to British main battle tank the Challenger 2. Although both war machines are hailed as exceptional pieces of military hardware, however one has to come victorious out of battlefield. We thought it would be cool to compare Britain and main battle tanks in this video and try to determine, which tank is superior in terms of Speed, Armor, fire control system and Firepower.

1. Specifications
T-90 has been in service since 1992. More than 3200 units have been built so far with per unit cost of $5M. The tank is operated by crew of 3 people. T-90 comes in at weight of 48tons. The tank is 32ft long, 13ft wide and 7ft high. With 1,000hp engine, the tank can reach at top speed of 37mph. The operational range of the tank is around 342mi. The T-90 is armed with a 125mm smoothbore gun.
On the other hand, the challenger 2 has been in service since 1998. Around 447 units have been built so far with per unit cost of $9m. It holds a crew of 4 people. The combat ready weight of the tank is 75tons. The tank is 44ft long, 12ft wide and 8ft high. With 1,200hp engine, it can reach at maximum speed of 37mph. The operational range of the tank is 342mi. The challenger 2 is armed with 120mm rifled gun.

2. Crew Survivability and Armor
T-90 is much lighter than the English tank, however it does have good armor and a fairly strong defensive suite. First, T-90’s armor is made up of composite material. The tank’s second tier of defenses relies on explosive reactive armor… On the contrary, the Challenger 2 armor is one of the best in the world. It is equipped with second generation chobham armor two times stronger than steel. In battlefield, the tank can be prepared with additional armor plates and bars with E.R.A. kits…

3. Engine Power & Mobility
Various models of T-90 tanks are powered by different engines. The latest variant of T-90 is powered by V12 Diesel engine producing 1,000hp. This engine can be fuelled by kerosene, benzene or diesel…In contrast, the Challenger 2 is powered by Perkins v12 diesel engine producing 1200hp. Assisted by 8 speed gear box, the tank can travel at maximum speed of 37mph on paved roads and 25mph off-road…

4. Fire Control System
T-90’s fire control system is fully computerized but features a manual override as well. The commander and gunner’s fire control system contain day fire, night vision and thermal imaging sight for target identification. The laser rangefinder allows for “firing on the move” even in low lighting conditions…Similarly, the Challenger 2 is equipped with digital fire control system to manage all of the sighting instruments. The commander has a gyro stabilized panoramic sight with laser rangefinder assisted by eight periscopes giving 360 degrees field of view. The tank is also outfitted with thermal observation and Gunnery Sight…

5. Firepower
T-90’s primary armament includes 125mm smoothbore gun. The gun is stabilized in two axes and fitted with a thermal sleeve around the barrel. Fed by an automatic loader, the gun can fire a variety of ammunition, including armor piercing, anti-tank, and high explosive fragmentation rounds. The T-90’s gun can also fire anti-tank sniper guided missiles…
In contrast the Challenger 2 is armed with 120mm rifled gun. Made by high tech steel and alloys, this is the only rifled gun fitted to a NATO tank. Other features include a thermal sleeve, fume extraction and an electric stabilization. The gun is loaded manually and …
Please watch the video for conclusion.
Credit to : Grid 88

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