T-90M Russian Tank – Proryv

T-90M tank, Codename Proryv-3

The headliner of this episode of Combat Approved is the T-90M tank, known to the broad public under the codename Proryv-3. At the moment of filming, it exists in a single copy. But already in the nearest future, the T-90M will become the most mass-produced tank of all the modern ones in our Armed Forces, ceding only to the Armata. The new vehicle was named Proryv (breakthrough) for a reason: a new level of protection, brand new electronics, new tower. The T-90M (M stands for modernized) radically differs from its predecessor – the regular T-90. That said, all the tests of the Proryv have been classified for a long time. And now Combat Approved has an exclusive opportunity to test the new armored vehicle in action. To do that, the journalists will head to Kubinka, to the range of the Armored Vehicles Research and Development Center, where the T-90 will firstly undergo running tests, and then the shooting practice. Right in front of the eyes of our filmmaker, Aleksey Egorov, Proryv will fire not only the conventional armor piercing projectiles, but also the guided missiles, while its target will be a real T-64 tank! For the sake of such a show, the film crew of Combat Approved will use a high-speed camera to capture all the details of the new tank’s sniper precision. Long story short, there’ll be a lot of shooting, fire, explosions and mud in this episode! And as know, the tanks don’t fear mud! The Proryv even less.
Credit to : Combat Approved