Supermarine 545 Supersonic

Supermarine 545

The Supermarine 545 was to be one of the first transonic jets in history. Its unique design and powerful features made it a magnificent prototype, and it was known as the British answer to the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19. Aircraft manufacturer Supermarine had cemented itself as one of the most outstanding aircraft developers in the world, and the role its Spitfire played during World War 2 had a lot to do with its success. The Spitfire came to be seen as Churchill’s spearhead during the war. Despite not having the most extraordinary firepower or the fastest engine, it had the most versatile maneuverability, making it the king of dogfights above the English Channel. However, the world was changing, and when there was no more fighting to be done, the demand for single-engine fighters plummeted. At the same time, the need for multi-engine aircraft grew. With little experience outside single-engine planes, Supermarine decided to focus its efforts on building the next generations of jet fighters. Nevertheless, a sequence of disastrous projects and disgraceful accidents slowly lost the trust of the Royal Air Force. Supermarine tried to earn back its reputation in a daring gamble, building the world’s first jet fighter capable of reaching Mach 1.3. It would be the aircraft to put Supermarine back on the map and save them from financial ruin. But just as their prototype left the production line, a vast public scandal turned Supermarine’s world upside down…

Credit Dark Skies

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