Squeezing Nazis Out Of Normandy Aka Squeezing Nazi’s Out Of Normandy (1944)

Squeezing Nazi’s Out Of Normandy

Various shots of American soldiers travelling along road into Cherbourg. M/S’s of happy Frenchmen and women. Various shots as U.S. and British troops patrol Cherbourg. Various shots of Russians who were taken prisoner by the nazis, C/U of one with big beard, American soldiers crowd around him. Various shots of German prisoners being marched through Cherbourg, among them are officers. M/S two women prisoners. Various shots of Russians who were nazi prisoners, an American soldier tries to explain to them that they are safe and are not going to be executed, a girl cries and collapses, others look worried. Various shots of dead German soldiers in the street, the Americans stop to look then continue to walk through. M/S one body propped up in a doorway. Various shots as more German prisoners are led along through streets. American troops walk through, Frenchmen tear down signs of German occupation, they all applaud. M/S of American band playing Marseilles in the town square.
Various shots on the beaches, the supply ships lay offshore and the landing craft bring all types of equipment ashore, tanks, half-tracks, etc. Various shots of British troops and tanks moving across French countryside. L/S of a field of dead cattle. Various shots of troops searching farm buildings and houses in their advance. Various shots of infantry moving through Cheux. L/S troops firing at sniper in barn. Various shots of infantry moving through the towns of Odon and Tourville past ruined church. M/S British wounded being loaded into ambulance. One is given blood plasma while on stretcher. Various shots of flail tanks in action flailing the ground for mines, it leaves in a cloud of dust.
Credit to : British Pathé