Spectacular Colorized Film of the beginning of the German Occupation of The Netherlands During WW-II

Preceeding the remembrance day of the liberation of the Netherlands on the 5th of May, this film shows spectacularly colorized footage of the beginning of the German occupation in May 1940.

In this film you will be taken back to the beginning of World War II when the Germans launched a vicious attack on the Netherlands in May 1940.
The film focuses on the eventful days whereby the country prepares for war, Rotterdam is bombed to the ground, the Dutch government capitulates and the Germans take over the control of the country. It also shows scenes of daily life during the occupation as well as footage about the NSB party.

Please press the CC captions button to read subtitles in Dutch or English. I spent quite some time on correcting Google´s translation.

This video has been restored, enhanced and colorized by means of the latest A.I. video software. For the majority of the film a new colorization method has been used that obtains substantially better results than with the standard colorizer that we normally use.

Copyright: Ricks Film Restoration 2023.
Credit to : Rick88888888