Special Operations Team Rolls Up On IS-K Compound – Combat Caught on Video

Special Operations Team Rolls Up On IS-K Compound

So this started as a planned movement to contact in the Deh Bala district in Nangarhar. The American side of the element were trying to take it slow, but a humvee of Afghan Commandos just leeroy jenkins’d their way into an L-shaped ambush, which is the burning humvee seen in the clip. ISIS-K fighters were hiding in spiders holes, wearing ghille like cloaks and jumped out as the lone Commando humvee entered the kill zone. ISIS-K initiated with small arms fire, which penetrated the humvee windows. ISIS-K fighter climbs on the humvee and tosses a grenade down the gunner hatch. Prior to this, most occupants of the humvee had hopped out, leaving I believe their gunner alone in the truck. Grenade pops off which cooks some ammo. Our ground force commander sees an empty heavy machine gun that could be used against our MATV’s which were just down the road, so he has the loitering AC-130 finish off the humvee. (there was footage once upon a time from ISR of this, but I don’t know if anyone was able to grab it) Our GFC basically creates a phalanx out of our MATVs and we push up to the burning humvee so that the Commandos can retrieve their dead. I can’t remember the number but the Afghans took a couple of casualties. That massive concrete structure in the background is a school, which was hit with a strike from what we were informed was a B52, during a follow on operation in the same district later that month. (the B52 strike is included in the drop box) No Americans were hit during the actions seen during this particular video. During this engagement over 400 mortars were sent downrange between three tubes. (the dunnage is seen in the original video)
tl;dr: about 20 Americans were risked to save a dead Commando who didn’t want to advance on the enemy because he didn’t have a flag sticking out of his RPG bag
Side note on this video; prior to the push, the Afghans stated that they would not be able to advance because they forgot to bring their Afghanistan flags. The chief on the SF team pulled a stash of Afghanistan flags out of his ass and was basically like, what a coincidence.

Credit to : FUNKER530 – Veteran Community & Combat Footage

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