South Georgia: Royal Marines Fight Off An Invasion

3rd April 1982, South Georgia, South Atlantic

The Falklands War wasn’t just about the Falkland Islands. There’s another British territory a thousand miles away that has its own story to tell about that particular conflict… And who better to tell it than Keith Mills, then a Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, who at just 22 years old was sent to the tiny island of South Georgia to sort out a problem with some Argentinian scrap metalworkers.


What started out as a diplomatic incident soon became a full Argentinian assault and Keith was forced to lead his detachment of 22 commandos in a battle that it was impossible to win.


Darren Coventry talks to Keith about the difficult decisions he made that day, along with former Royal Marines Bob Ashton and Steve Holding who saw him pluck up the courage to do something incredibly brave and would lead to him receiving the Distinguished Service Cross.
Credit to : BFBS Creative

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