Sinking the Blücher: How an Outdated Fort Stopped the WWII Invasion of Norway

Sinking the Blücher

The Battle of Drøbak Sound was one of the most incredible confrontations of the Second World War: an old and outdated fort, manned by recruits, managed to not only strike but sink one of the Kreigsmarine’s newest and most powerful warships. The brave actions of the men of the Oscarsborg crucially delayed the invasion of Norway and forever changed the direction of the Second World War.

00:00 – Introduction
03:25 – Britain Eyes Narvik
03:57 – Plan R4
04:18 – Altmark: The Final Straw for Germany
05:06 – Germany Plans for a Norwegian Invasion
06:32 – The Mighty Bluecher
08:16 – Group V Sets Sights on Oslo
09:33 – Entering the Oslo Fjord
10:40 – Last Stand of Pol III
12:10 – Slipping Past the Defences
12: 40 – The Oscarsborg
14:20 – Undermanned and Unprepared
16:00 – Do We Open Fire?
16:37 – “Either I will be decorated, or I will be court-martialed. Fire!”
18:30 – The Oscarsborg’s Final Trick
21:27 – Retreat!
22:01 – The End of the Bluecher
23:50 – Operation Weserübung in Chaos
24:36 – Last Stand of the Oscarsborg
26:10 – Far-Reaching Effects
27:50 – Waffling on a Bit
Credit to : Calum

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