Satellite Image Spots Unmanned Combat Aircraft as WW3 fears rise between China and US.

US Military

Satellite image spots unmanned combat aircraft as WW3 fears rise between China and US. Google Maps users were fascinated after finding an unmanned combat aircraft previously used by the US Navy. The Reddit user u/MoreNormalThanNormal shared an aerial shot of Airforce Plant 42 in Palmdale, California, claiming to have spotted ‘Skunkworks drones’, a type of unmanned craft. But upon further investigation from fans of the subreddit r/aviation forum, the aircrafts were identified as Northrop Grumman X-47B aircraft. The eagle-eyed fan said: “Those aren’t skunkworks drones. Those are on the Northrop pad (it’s labelled on the map). Looks like X-47 variants.”

World War 3 fears have been mounting over the last year as China looks to claim sovereignty over Taiwan. In the most recent developments, the US has allegedly been beaten by China to develop heat-seeking hypersonic missiles that are capable of hitting moving targets on land, water and in the air.