Russia’s Tank Evolution: The Case for T-90M Over T-72B3

Russia’s Tank Evolution: The Case for T-90M Over T-72B3

Tank production in Russia has seen a significant shift lately. The T-90M Proryv, the latest iteration of the T-90, has become a top priority, promising a leap forward in capabilities.

In a recent move sparking speculation, Uralvagonzavod, Russia’s leading tank producer, released a captivating video showcasing its entire production line. This nearly 18-minute glimpse includes the assembly process for the T-72, its upgraded T-72B3 variant, and the much-anticipated T-90M Proryv. A particularly noteworthy segment focuses on Workshop 130, where the heart of these tanks – their hulls – are meticulously built.

The documentary seems to be a strategic move by Russia to convince the global audience that its tank production is thriving, with the T-90M receiving top billing. Deputy Director Aleksey Kalityuk reinforces this message within the video by revealing a three-shift system to maintain the accelerated pace. He adds that Uralvagonzavod has been operating at full capacity for over two years since the Ukraine conflict began, hinting at an uninterrupted and robust production line.

Now, beyond the marketing blitz, what truly differentiates the two tanks? What makes the T-90M a potential game-changer on the battlefield, and why is Russia prioritizing this tank over the T-72B3?
Credit to : Defense TV

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