Russia’s New ‘Turtle Tanks’: MT-LB and Z-STS ‘Akhmat’ Vehicles covered in ‘Anti-Drone’ Armour

Russia’s new ‘turtle tanks’: MT-LB and Z-STS ‘Akhmat’ vehicles covered in ‘anti-drone’ armour

Russia is fitting bizarre armour to its vehicles in a desperate effort to stop them being destroyed by drones in Ukraine. Video from the front shows a MT-LB armoured fighting vehicle shrouded in nets and chains designed to stop it being hit by FPV drones which are now everywhere on the frontlines.
There is a gap in the wire at the back where troops are supposed to get into and out of the transport.
Elsewhere, a Z-STS ‘Akhmat’ fighting vehicle was surrounded by wire that resembles a bird cage in a desperate effort to keep it protected from the drones. Again, a door has been fitted in the back of the cage to allow troops to get into and out of the vehicle. It comes after several ‘turtle tanks’ that have been completely surrounded by steel plating were seen on the frontlines. The first two such tanks were quickly destroyed, but a third – which also featured a large electronic warfare system on its roof – proved surprisingly effective in battle. Russia has been forced to resort to such tactics after suffering heavy vehicle losses in recent months. #russia #ukraine #war
Credit to : Daily Mail

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