Russia’s New Night Time Tactics: The Drone Fight for Avdiivka

Russia’s New Nighttime Tactics: The Drone Fight for Avdiivka

Avdiivka, a key Ukrainian stronghold in eastern Ukraine’s Donbas region, has become a battleground where conventional tactics have seemingly reached a limit. After two months of grueling assaults by Russian tanks and infantry, the city remains firmly in Ukrainian hands.

Intense fighting in Avdiivka has led to significant Russian casualties in 2023, with up to eight brigades reportedly involved in a major offensive since mid-October, according to the UK Ministry of Defence. Ukraine claims Russia lost 298,420 troops in its year-long invasion, with 740 casualties in the last day.

However, with casualties mounting and momentum stalling, the conflict appears to be shifting into a new, potentially decisive phase: a war of the skies against the backdrop of the night.

Russian forces, unable to breach Ukrainian defenses through brute force, are reportedly turning to a novel approach: deploying small, inexpensive, night-vision equipped drones to disrupt crucial supply lines into Avdiivka.
Credit to : Military TV

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