Russia’s Army is Learning – here’s why it should worry the West

Russia’s army is learning – here’s why it should worry the West | Defence in Depth

There is a bit of a myth about Russia’s army in Ukraine. That Moscow’s soldiers are inexperienced, ramshackle troops sent into hopeless charges at well-defended positions at the behest of inexperienced and brutal commanders. They have little tactical sense and even less strategic vision.

Of course, some of that is true – the Russians do use ‘meatgrinder’ assaults, armoured columns often do run into trouble in Ukrainian minefields (with pyrotechnic results) and Russia frequently relies on troops with insufficient training and poor kit.

Even today, huge numbers of armoured vehicles and tanks are being lost as Russian forces attempt to advance and it’s a live question how long such losses can be borne.

But the Russians aren’t stupid, and the army does learn, albeit slowly.

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Credit to : The Telegraph

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